I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, largely because of the Tortuga event and recovering from it, but also because I started another pet-stitting job this week. I have a post to make about Tortuga, as well as about the projects I’ve finished, but those will come on a different day.

Anyway, I’ve been up to a couple of things and PixiCraft & I are vending at a local Celtic fair on Sep. 24th.

Labyrinth WIP

I’ve wanted to try stitching a labyrinth for quite a while, but I wanted to finish a few other projects first. I really like the Chartres Cathedral design, so I went with that first (though I’d like to stitch some other labyrinth designs, too). The labyrinth path is just wide enough for a finger to trace along it, so it’s been fun to “walk” the labyrinth as I’ve finished different sections of it.


Last Saturday, I happened upon a sale being put on by several businesses selling product samples, discontinued items, etc. for super cheap. The friend I was with snatched up a great jacket for about a third of the original price, whereas I homed in on a jeweler selling some stones for dirt cheap. Since PixiCraft almost sold out at Tortuga, I knew she needed more supplies and the amount of stuff I could get here for $5 was AMAZING. So I got her a mixed bag of clear quartz and amethyst points and geode slices, both dyed and un-dyed.  😀